Shop Small Businesses for your Cross Stitch Accessories!

Here’s a post I’ve been wanting to make for a while! Today I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite small businesses to shop at for cross stitching supplies! Sure, I could list dozens of pattern designers I love and support, but that should probably get its own article. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today I’ll be focusing on cross stitch supplies. Think thread, fabric, project bags, needle minders and beyond! Actual physical items sent to your doorstep! If you too like supporting small business, have a look below at some of my favorites!

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If you’ve been around the Pixel Stitch Discord you may know her better as Laialda. You might also have come across her amazingly detailed nerdy mini patterns. But did you also know she sells scented thread conditioner?

Scented Thread conditioner by Craftigurumi

I’ve mentioned in a few posts about specialty threads that thread conditioner would make working with metallics and glow in the dark easier. But I had never tried it myself.

Well, being a sucker for anything coffee-scented, I just had to pick some up from her. And I love it! Makes it so much easier to work with thread that likes to fray. She’s got 20+ scents to choose from (and unscented if you’re not good with smells), so have a look and see what strikes your fancy! (Kreinik not included)


Some of you may know 8BitStitch already due to her adorable punny text-based patterns. Others know her as Kwarning from her Twitch channel.

Regardless of whether you know her or not, did you know Kari also occasionally dyes fabric too? I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of her black sparkly aida for ages, but it always sells out so quick! Currently her fabrics are only available via Etsy, so check out what she has in stock right now.

Hand dyed aida by 8BitStitch

While you’re there be sure check out the adorable pom-pom thread tidies she offers, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here’s a shop I’ve mentioned in my Organization Tips blog as I use their bags all the time. I’ve got 3 of their project bags now, which are perfect for an 8×8 Q-snap and a small box of thread/accessories. Even the Darice Mini Floss Box fits in with the Q-snap!

But also I have several of her smaller zippy bags just for other things. Dice bag, hair accessories, you name it. They’re really well made and I highly recommend them!

As an added bonus, you can contact her for custom orders! And there’s lots of other cool stuff in the shop — Stitch counters, dice trays, scarves, etc!


Need a cool grime guard for your Q-snap? SilverMoonSewing has you covered! I got this lovely Deathly Hallows print from them for my 8×8 Q-snap and I love it! It’s well made and fits perfectly! Plenty of room for extra fabric, too


Speaking of Q-Snap covers, I still get a lot of questions about this sailor moon one on my 6×6. Well, wonder no more! I got it from SleepingLunaDesigns! She may not always have some in stock, so favorite her shop so you get notifications when she adds new products! Pattern I’m working on there is also by Luna! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next up, needleminders! There’s no shortage of needleminders on Etsy, a lot of them bulk purchased alibaba enamel pins with a magnet stuck on it. 🙃 Well you’ve probably seen and may own a bunch of them already. Instead, I wanted to share some more unique homemade ones!


Natu offers needlminders handmade out of clay. CLAY. Who could resist this adorable bobbin minder, anyway?

Unfortunately mine arrived a little broken (the thin thread on the front), as can happen with rough shipping. It does feel quite sturdy and the box was well packaged and padded. But things happen, especially traveling across country lines. (Shop is in Canada) ๐Ÿ™

Natu was quick to respond and get things sorted out, though! It was the last bobbin she had, but she let me replace it with another equally adorable pumpkin! I’d definitely recommend her shop.


AHareAffair offers needleminders made of wood, laser etched with her very own glowforge. (Yes, I am very jealous) She also offers stitch markers, and I bet if you asked real nicely she’d take custom commissions.

But look how cute these are!!!

Junimo and Planchette wooden needle minders by AHareAffair


HoopsNMore offers wooden needleminders too… but also does resin ones! I picked up this cute star and moon set, and man the camera does NOT do it justice! It’s so glittery!

Even the backs are custom branded! And the floral shape makes them pretty easy to grab from the back of your work.

Plus they offer mini hoops in different shapes — AND you can get them engraved! Score!


Ok, this one’s not really a ‘supply’, but it is stitchy related — they’re stickers! And we all need stickers to decorate our floss boxes, right? I picked up her floral embroidery hoop sticker. I just couldn’t resist.

Several Stickers on a floss box. Stickers by StitchingSabbatical and Michelle Coffee

Other stickers on this box are by Michelle Coffee. Not technically stitchy related, but still GORGEOUS.


If I’m sharing stickers, I definitely have to share Zin’s adorable bird stitchy lorikeets on my variegated thread box! Actually, ALL the stickers on this box are by Zin. Looks like most of them aren’t available on her shop currently, but you still have a lot of adorable options to choose from!

I hope you found something useful in this list! Feel free to suggest more shops I should check out going forward though!