Patreon – A way to Support Sirithre

Gallery of Exclusive Patreon Patterns below!

What is Patreon?

In case you haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s a site that allows all sorts of creators to help fund their creativity. A way for creators to set up subscription-style payments. To allow their followers to support them monetarily in exchange for some bonus perks.

How does Sirithre use Patreon?

There’s a few different ways Patreon can be used to provide perks.

In my case, I publish my cross stitch patterns on Patreon first. Patrons get first look at everything I work on, and I post new patterns twice a month. This also includes some behinds the scenes stuff, previews at things coming up, monthly blog polls, etc.

New patterns are all posted at the $5 tier. However, there’s a whole archive of exclusive patterns as well! I have a full spreadsheet of what designs I’ve posted at what tier. So you know exactly what you’re getting access to if you sign up.

All Patrons get access to blog posts/tutorials two weeks early, as well as get to vote on what next month’s article should be about!

I also occasionally post Free patterns on my Patreon! These are usually sprite based designs, or silly things I’ve put together for fun. Here is a full listing of my free cross stitch patterns.

Do you get access to all the previous posts?

Yes. If you become a Patron this month, you get access to what I post this month, of course. But also all the Patreon exclusives at that tier, as well as the last three months of patterns. At the time of writing this, if you signed up at $10, you’d get access to about 50 patterns immediately.

This is quite a better deal than paying $5 per cross stitch pattern individually on my Etsy trying to catch up. But at the same time, you also don’t know what you’ll be getting for your $5 next month. So some people prefer buying individually. Regardless of how you decide to support my art, thank you!

Are there any Patterns that are Exclusive to Patreon?

Yes! There’s a few that I’ve posted and haven’t had a chance to stitch myself. I refuse to put patterns up on Etsy until I have stitched and tested the colors for 100% accuracy. So those will remain Patreon only until we manage to add more hours to the day.

Some I have stitched, but want to keep them as a bonus for those who have been loyal Patrons for so long.

All my cross stitch patterns get posted to Patreon first ; so many are exclusive for a month or more before eventually ending up on Etsy. As an example, the Skyrim Constellation Stitch-A-Long was posted monthly, exclusively to $1 Patrons. Once the SAL was over, I listed it on Etsy and it was no longer Patreon exclusive.

Below is a gallery of the current Patreon exclusive designs; all my other patterns are available on both Patreon and Etsy. Find the individual Patreon posts by referring to the spreadsheet.

Patreon Exclusives

Thank You

Regardless of whether you decide to become a Patreon, buy something on Etsy, or just enjoy some free patterns, thank you. Seeing people get into cross stitching due to my work is the most rewarding feeling and more than I could ever ask for.

I do hope to one day be able to do this full time and be able to bring you even more regular content. But in the meantime, thanks for believing in me, sharing my work, and providing your feedback. It really does mean the world to me.