Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Portfolio

If you’ve seen me around online you probably know by now I’m a bit obsessed with Stardew Valley. I was lucky enough to be one of the original beta testers and sunk over 500 hours into the game before launch. Since I couldn’t stream the game at the time, I started cross stitching Stardew Valley sprites on my Twitch stream instead, and never stopped.

Most of 2018 was spent working on building an official Stardew Valley cross stitch pattern book geared towards teaching people how to cross stitch! All the patterns were put together by me based on the wonderful sprite work by ConcernedApe. I spent most of the year stitching up as much as I could to make sure colors were correct and to take photos of for the book!

You can order the book over on Fangamer that includes how-to instructions and several patterns to get you started! There’s also a free preview which includes a number of patterns!