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Lazy Daisies: Simple Floral Stitches

This article is part of a series on Advanced and Specialty Stitches. Check the main article for a full list of stitches. This one is just about lazy daisies.

What are Lazy Daisies

Lazy daisies are small loops made of thread. When you stitch several of them together, they resemble a simple flower. Hence the name, lazy daisies. But they can also be used for other things such as leaves on vines or in this case, moth antennae. This example is from an Artfight attack I did for 2021 where I incorporated lazy daisies to add some texture to the piece.

How they show up in patterns

In more traditional paper patterns and kits, I’ve definitely seen them marked on a pattern just like they will look on your fabric. If you see a backstitch teardrop shape on your pattern, chances are it’s a lazy daisy.

This example is from the Dimensions kit “Mighty Samurai”. Here, they’re used along with french knots to create small dragonflies on the Samurai’s hakama.

Modern design programs don’t handle curves as well. They may show up as a diamond-like shape in designs. You can stitch these either as standard backstitch or as a lazy daisy.

How to stitch lazy daisies

Diagram Illustration by Zinthings

Bring your needle up the hole you want the ‘petal’ to originate from, then immediately back down that same hole. But don’t pull your thread all the way through!

Instead, come up from a hole a few steps away and thread your needle through that loop. Now go back down that same new hole. Alternatively, pierce through the fabric right next to it for a little more sturdiness.

Diagram Illustration by Zinthings

Free Pattern

Want to try it yourself? Teresa Wentzler has a great freebie that features the lazy daisy as well as several other specialty stitches. I’ve had the pleasure of stitching it a few times now and it’s always enjoyable.