Twitch Year 2: The constantly changing stream.

I did it! I’ve officially made it through my second year of broadcasting on Twitch.

Once again, I’ll be taking a look at the many changes my channel has gone through over the last year.
I did this last year as well, and found it really helpful to have an overall idea of how I -have- progressed, instead of focusing on numbers and the like.
It’s easy to get stuck on concurrent viewers or overall follow/sub counts and lose track of all the progress you HAVE made. Not everyone may change their overlays as often as they change their underwear, but no doubt you too have had all sorts of interesting events over the last year, or have added new bot commands, channel art, or just done something different.

I challenge those of you who stream to do something similar, if possible. Especially if you’ve been feeling down about numbers.
Look back and make note of what you have changed and improved in your stream.


Without further ado, here’s my 2nd year of Twitch, in pictures.

In November of last year, I was using a relatively clean layout. A couple of logos, chat, and me. Nothing too fancy.
And a nice foresty background for 6:9 games.

2014_11_LoG 2014_12_BardsTale

We did a couple of event streams back then. I covered my face in christmas bows to raise money for a new CPU.
I played my first scary game on stream ever, and raised money to move to California by putting donation hearts on my bluescreen.
I also got PARTNERED! February 9, my Subscribe button appeared out of the blue. Noone was warned, and everyone was surprised and scrambled to press that purple button. .

2014_12_Skyrim 2015_01_AmongTheSleep 2015_02_ToTheMoon

The following week, I was in California. I colored my hair black, and I couldn’t stream much as we were in a temporarily location, and my bluescreen wasn’t set up.
So I spent some of my free time and played around with a new overlay featuring a bar with various info across the top of my screen. My camera frame featured one of my emotes, the crown.
I tried to keep it simple. I used it for a fair amount of time.

Eventually, we moved to a more permanent location, but I still wasn’t able to stream very often 🙁
For april fools, I streamed in Spanish and my overlays reflected that, as seen in the intro below. For my birthday, one of my mods gifted me a capture card, and the WiiU was finally streamed.

2015_04_PillarsofEternity 2015_05_MarioKart

Sometime in May I changed my intro yet again, this time adding an animated slider. Witcher 3 came out, and I closet-cosplayed both Ciri and Yennefer.

2015_05_Slider 2015_05_Witcher3

I tried a few different things during this time, as I had a lot more time to work on overlays while I couldn’t stream. At some point I thought an elvish word of the day would be cool. I quickly got rid of that due to sheer laziness. I played with the idea of having a countdown timer to warn people how long I would be live instead of having to repeat ‘this will just be a short stream’ over and over’

2015_06_TotD 2015_07_KoA

In August, I colored my hair green! And then my 16:9 games went back to being minimalistic, with just me and a twitter handle.
2015_08_Evoland2 2015_09_Evoland2

My ‘full screen camera’ and 6:9 screens got a bit of an overhaul though!
I’m not sure if I like it or not yet, but it does it’s job.
2015_08_Overlay 2015_09_AvalonLOVE

Recently, a viewer bought me new lighting for the room, so I’m finally a bit more true to color again! Exciting!
For full screen games, I added small rectangles of the same design for donations/subs, but otherwise keeping it clean.
I also learned how to make it snow hearts.
I also may have gotten addicted to an MMO (Blade & Soul), which luckily is only in beta and the servers are only up on certain weekends. 😮
2015_11_BladeandSoul 2015_11_SwordCoastLegends

I have some plans already in the work for more changes! Recently I commissioned DerpTyme for an adorable Chibi drawing of myself, which I will likely put EVERYWHERE. I also hope to have her design a logo and re-do some of my emotes as soon as I can afford more commissions.

I will never be happy with my stream, but that’s okay! As long as I’m always putting my all into it and improving. And though it may not feel like I am, when I take the time to look back, I can see that I clearly have.

Overlays/Graphics are not the only thing you should be improving upon, and certainly not the only things I’ve done for my stream, but it IS the easiest to review at the end of the year. 😉

Here’s to another year of change, improvement, and success!

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