Twitch Year 1 : How Far I’ve Come

I’ve been streaming for just over a year now. I’ve had to take 2-month breaks twice now due to work or CRL taking over, so technically only 8 months. I’ve seen other streamers who started around the same time or after myself jump forward by leaps and bounds. And although I know it’s not through any fault of my own, I can’t help but sometimes feel like I haven’t progressed.

This is natural. I fully expect everyone reading this to have felt this way at least once during their twitch ‘career.’  It’s all in our heads, though. We’ve all changed over the course of this last year, and so have our streams. Whether we’ve grown faster or slower than someone else doesn’t matter. You’ve all met new people, gained followers, picked up habits or ‘inside jokes’ for your stream. Every twitch journey is different. And it’s important we all embrace and enjoy our own experiences rather than fretting over whether someone else is doing ‘better,’

In an effort to make myself feel better about the growth of my channel, I went back to the VODs I had saved from my first streams. Back when there was 2-3 viewers in my channel at most, and my overlays looked like they were made in paint. If you go to my ‘Games’ tab you can click on each game to see the archived videos on YouTube yourself.

Just jumping through these videos and looking at the visual layout of my streams has helped me realize just how far I have come, even with those breaks. I can only imagine what the following year will bring.

For those curious, here’s some screenshots of streams from times past that you may or may not recognize as my stream! You can click on them for a close-up view.

Oh man. Back at the beginning of my stream career I apparently thought it would be a good idea to make individual layouts for each game I played, and to waste space by trying to center 6:9 ratio games. Fun times!

layout01 layout02
layout03 layout05

I eventually got over that phase, and moved the game off to the right so I could fit a wider chat. This was also when I started using twitter, so you’ll see it made it’s way onto my profile. Whee, rounded camera edges!

layout06 layout07


Trine 2 was the first widescreen game I played, and I had to improvise. I returned to the square cam mode and for some reason added health/stamina bars that were intended to show my hunger/fatigue and helped my viewers know at a glance whether I was likely to end stream soon. On the right you’ll also notice the screenshot from Dark Cloud had TWO chats. I tried dual streaming to Hitbox for a bit. It didn’t last long.

layout08 layout09 


I finally got a bluescreen! The health/stamina bars stuck around a bit longer and CasualRunsLive became a thing. Also, there was a coronation of sorts.

layout10 layout11


Eventually I got rid of the bulky headset and people were finally able to see my trademark elf ears.
I’ve also tried a few random things over the course of my stream, including scrolling marquees (left) and wearing wigs to troll my viewers (right)

layout13 layout12

But currently I’ve been using a more basic layout with an animated ‘foresty’ background for 6:9 games (left) and as little as possible on widescreen games (right).

layout14 layout15


Who knows what I’ll do for my stream next. Who knows what will be ‘in style’ for streams next! I look forward to making another post like this next year to see!

Regardless, I encourage you all to look at your highlights or any broadcasts you’ve saved and remember how far you’ve come. It’s definitely helped me feel a lot better about the growth of my stream.


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