This Community Is Amazing

I don’t believe this is said enough. Not nearly enough. The Twitch community is incredibly amazing.

More importantly, you are amazing. Those of you here reading this right now. The people that come into my channel and any of the CRL channels. I’ve seen an incredible amount of generosity in this community and I don’t know how to thank you all enough.

We’ve helped many people get started streaming.
We’ve helped each  other grow our communities, and improve our stream quality.
We’ve had charity fundraisers, by squints_a_lot and thetsunaru and several others.
We’ve had a fundraiser to give Cheftig a chance to spend some time off with his upcoming baby.
We’ve helped smokaloke achieve the dream of full time streaming, as well as raised funds for DontShoot619 to be able to attend PAXSouth.

And most recently, and what inspired me to write this, you guys are helping keep me on my feet. As many of you know, I live alone, I have no income right now, and am struggling to find a new job. On the bright side, this has given me a chance to finally stream more often. Streaming has been keeping me sane between seemingly endless amounts of job applications. Just you guys coming and hanging out with me on stream means a lot to me, as I’d be sitting home alone with no human interaction otherwise.

But many of you have gone above and beyond with their support and have sent games/money. I would never request this of any of you, and I feel I haven’t done nearly enough to thank those of you that have gone out of your way to do so.  While I have savings for a month or so, you guys are helping make sure that I won’t completely exhaust my savings before I find a job.

That’s just amazing to me. I will never get used to being gifted games or hearing that donation sound. Or hell, even just raids! 😮 I never know how to react on stream. I end up stumbling over my words and awkwardly trying to refocus on the game. But I do appreciate each and every one of you. From the people who just pop into my chat once in a while or spend their time lurking, to those of you who chat or play games with me well after stream has ended. Even those who I only know from other streams! My twitch family has only grown from the time I started streaming a year ago, and I am grateful to have met each and every one of you.

Thank you.