Siri Finishes games for once: A new year’s resolution

So without really telling anyone, I made a new year’s resolution for 2017.
And while I didn’t technically complete it, I’m incredibly proud of my progress.

Especially considering how much changed this year in my life. New job, apartment issues, very little time to stream, general health issues, etc.
Most of my progress was made at work or on weekends while staying over at my boyfriends and unable to stream.
I exceeded my initial expectations, and that’s all that really matters.

Without much further ado; my challenge:

  • Beat any games I purchased or otherwise obtained in 2017. (Stop giving me games, people!)
  • Beat at least 30 games that were obtained in previous years.
  • 100% at least 20 games.
  • Complete 50 CrossStitch patterns.

Granted, these goals were made up when I was streaming regularly, cross stitching daily, only worked part time, etc. Things changed. But I persisted.

What I did manage to do:


  • Beat 28 of the 38 beatable games I bought or were given to me this year (4 other games that don’t really have ‘endings’)
  • At least started all but one of the other 14 games obtained this year, all in various stages of completion.
  • Only ragequit/gave up entirely on 2 of the above.
  • Beat exactly 30 games that were obtained in previous years.
  • 100% achievements on 17 of the above games.
  • 16 of the beaten games don’t even have achievements, so they’re pretty much done as well.
  • Got additional achievements in 10 games I beat in previous years.
  • Started or made progress in another 22 games obtained in previous years.

Full Spreadsheet breakdown if you’re curious as to which games I played/beat this year.


  • Completed 48 CrossStitch projects (I’ve got like a week and a half to go…)
  • Designed and put together 10 kits to send out to streamers to try their hand at CrossStitch.
  • Have another 10 or so patterns already designed that I just haven’t had time to test stitch yet
  • Completely overhauled my Etsy store with new PDFs, photos, etc.
  • Designed and ordered acrylic charms and hand wrote over 25 letters to mail out to subs/patrons.
  • Completely remade the site and have written 4 tutorials for it already.

I also learned I shouldn’t make goals/resolutions so complicated that they require spreadsheet tracking.
Next year’s goals are much simpler:

  • Stream more.
  • Pay off as much as I can from my student loans. (25k total)

Hopefully I can get as close to fulfilling that resolution as I managed this year. Thank you all for your incredible support this year and for helping me keep going even when things got tough.  You guys are amazing. <3