Post-PAX Thoughts

PAX was easily the most amazing weekend I’ve had in a long, long time.

I got to spend time with all so many fellow twitch streamers, both ones I already knew and loved to watch and new people I may have never discovered otherwise. Not only that, but they welcomed me into their group without skipping a beat. All of them were wonderful, laid back people who were happy to sit and chat with me regardless of my viewer count or whether or not I was partnered. It was both a humbling and empowering experience.

I learned a lot about their experiences streaming just from spending hours sitting on a porch chatting about this and that. I learned a lot about them as people, too. I discovered that most of them, even the ‘big-time’ streamers are just as shy and insecure about themselves as the smaller streamers. Many exhibited a lot of the social anxiety issues I have been trying to work through myself. And it really is inspiring, because if they can work through it and be the amazing streamers they are, so can I.

I also learned I need to stop stressing and thinking about doing things and simply jump in and do them. Nothing will come of sitting around and planning.  So I’m going to do my best to jump back into streaming and give it my best regardless of where it takes me. I never really cared about partnership or follow counts, but now that I know that I will be welcomed by these wonderful people regardless of my viewer count.

I will keep streaming for you, my regular viewers, so we can sit around our respective computers and keep having our silly conversations and in-jokes and strengthening our bonds as friends. I hope to meet more of you at PAX South, and spend more time with those I met at Prime.

Until then, see you on stream.

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