PAX South 2015

With as much fun as I had at PAX Prime 2014, I would have never believed another event could so easily surpass it. PAX South 2015 proved that wrong. Although the convention hall itself was much smaller, and I ended up only spending an hour or two each day actually AT the convention, PAX South was arguably the better convention, partially because it WAS smaller. This made it a much more personal experience with a focus on getting to know the people of Twitch.

The Twitch community banded together showing love for any streamer, big or small. Viewers were welcomed as peers and the celebrities of Twitch proved once again that they’re all just real, friendly, humble people not to be idolized, but befriended.

As someone who regularly has issues with social anxiety and panic attacks, I was astonished to find myself at a house party with 250+ streamers and feel absolutely completely comfortable. Much hugs and butt touches were given, and many fond memories were made that night, as well as throughout the entire weekend. Although my wallet is uncomfortably thin after the event, I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

If you haven’t yet been able to make it to a PAX event, I highly recommend you go if you can afford it. Even if you aren’t able to get tickets to the convention itself, go for the after parties, as they are the real value of the convention.

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