Twitch Year 1 : How Far I’ve Come

I’ve been streaming for just over a year now. I’ve had to take 2-month breaks twice now due to work or CRL taking over, so technically only 8 months. I’ve seen other streamers who started around the same time or after myself jump forward by leaps and bounds. And although […]

This Community Is Amazing

I don’t believe this is said enough. Not nearly enough. The Twitch community is incredibly amazing. More importantly, you are amazing. Those of you here reading this right now. The people that come into my channel and any of the CRL channels. I’ve seen an incredible amount of generosity in this […]

Schedule Changes: October 2014

When I started streaming I was working from home. I could watch streams and lurk while working, and then I’d end my work shift and immediately jump into streaming. I rarely left my house except for the occasional grocery run. It was great, except I was getting paid minimally and […]

Why So Siri-ous? Or: What’s in a name?

I know a lot of you have asked how I got some of my nicknames, so I’d like to take the time to address that here. Sirithre Actually, I’m not entirely sure. First of all, since you’re bound to ask, it’s pronounced “See-ree-thray.” It was given to me a long […]

Post-PAX Thoughts

PAX was easily the most amazing weekend I’ve had in a long, long time. I got to spend time with all so many fellow twitch streamers, both ones I already knew and loved to watch and new people I may have never discovered otherwise. Not only that, but they welcomed me […]