Getting back into the swing of things

Oh. Hi. Didn’t expect to see you here.
…probably because I haven’t been around for months and there’s no reason for any of you to still care.

But you’re here. And that means you do care. At least to some degree. And I appreciate that.

Some of you may even already know what’s been going on lately. Well, at the end of 2016 my life got turned upside down. I won’t go into that with too much detail, because personal and such. But here’s the basic jist:

– Had to get a ‘new’ car, and then repair it.
– New laptop died. Twice.
– Bills essentially went up by ~$500. (Rent went up, internet went up, child support is being garnished from my wages.)

Because of the increase in bills, I was forced to find a new job.  I was barely getting by on my minimum wage work-at-home job + Twitch/Etsy income as it was, and that just pushed me over the top. 🙁

If you’ve read my post about said job you’ll know that I was very apprehensive about working downtown, schedules, and etc. And that I might vanish for a bit. Well I did. From Twitch, anyway. New job gives me a fair amount of downtime to work on other projects. I’ve been able to play more games, get some stitching done, and keep up with social media.

What the new job doesn’t give me is time to stream.

Saturday Night – Wednesday Morning schedule goes as such:
8pm – Wake up and you have 10 minutes to get dressed, grab food, and rush to work.
8am – Get home from work
11am – You’d better be asleep by now or you’ll regret it at work tonight.

That leaves what, 3 hours to get any errands done (groceries, getting gas, post office etc), find and eat dinner, and wind down for bed. Not much time for anything else.

Wednesday-Friday I’m over at the boyfriends’ playing video games, watching Star Trek, playing board games, cuddling, and otherwise RELAXING from a long week.

I’ve been missing streaming something awful though. Truly. I can’t really stream from his place, even though I’m up for hours after he goes to bed. I’m on my laptop which can barely handle OBS, the wifi is awful, and I wouldn’t be able to talk much.

So~ I finally decided on trying out some short, 1-hour streams in the morning before bed. I can’t really game much as I hate not being able to immerse myself and sink several hours into a game. But Creative/Cross Stitch is perfect for this. 🙂 So far it’s been wonderful being able to chat with you guys again. Thank you all for coming out even if it’s completely opposite from my old schedule.

This new schedule gives me an hour to get food/set up stream, an hour of stream, and an hour to wind down for sleep.
Monday nights/Tuesday mornings at work are usually super busy, and I’m generally extra exhausted so I’ve taken that morning off.
But otherwise, my new stream schedule is as such:

Sunday 9am-10am MST Cross Stitch stream
Monday 9am-10am MST Cross Stitch stream
Wednesday 9am-10am MST Cross Stitch stream
Friday 10pm – 2am MST Gaming Stream

I might start a little early in the mornings if I can get set up by 8:30, but I should at least be live by 9. I might be somewhat inconsistent at first, and often I’ll be tired/cranky, but feel free to yell at me on social media if I’m late/absent. It shows you care and gives me incentive to try harder.  <3

The other downside to new job is new expenses.
I’m making more money from my job.
However, it’s enough of an increase that I can no longer defer student loans, so that’s an extra $300/mo.
It also means I make too much money for gov health insurance, so that’s taken out of my check too.
Since I work downtown, I have to invest in $200/mo parking.
Because I drive to work, I’m spending an extra $30-50 in gas.
I’m also more likely to swing by Wendy’s or something on the way to work because I woke up late and don’t have time to make food.
Since I haven’t been streaming as much, subs/tips/etc are way down, so the difference in wage isn’t as big as it looks.

Basically, I’m back at the barely-getting-by stage.

Some of you may have seen on social media that we discovered black mold in our bathrooms, which explains the general ill feeling/inability to breathe I’ve had since moving to Colorado. Well, that took well over a month to fix. I had to stay at the bf’s in the meantime, and drive even further to work, eat out more, etc.
It’s sort of fixed now. It’s been retiled. My health hasn’t improved though. And now when you use the shower the tap continues to run so that you’re taking a half shower half bath thing with horrible water pressure. It’s… awful. I can’t really afford another place on my own and the bf is busy paying off his own debt to consider moving out for at least another year or so.

Well I’m tired of this place. Currently my main goal is to pay off my Student Loans. That’s $25k. Not bad as far as US education debt goes, but if I had that $300/mo payment off my plate I could actually afford a cheap apartment in the Denver metro instead of being crammed in a room sharing a flat with some people I like, and others I don’t.

That said, 2018 I’m putting ALL my extra income towards that. Twitch Subs/Tips, Patreon, Etsy, DBH, Amazon affiliate.  I’ll also be setting aside as much as I can manage from my work income. Current estimates leave that at just shy of half of my student loan debt, but I’ll do what I can to increase that as the year goes by.

Look forward to new CrossStitch patterns and acrylic charms on Etsy, more streaming, even if only an hour at a time, and possibly some overtime at work if I can work up the energy.

Regardless of whether I hit that goal or not, thank you ALL for believing in me and continuing to be supportive despite my Twitch absence. I’ve seen a lot of you around Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc. I appreciate the replies and tags more than you know. Thank you. <3




I’ll be streaming weekday mornings for an hour, and scrimping and saving til I can pay off my student loans and be able to afford my own place.