I’ve built up a healthy collection of games over the years. Especially since I’ve worked at video game stores in the past, and am an impulsive buyer.

  • I have a full itemized list of all the games I own on Backloggery.

Please note I currently cannot stream 3DS games as I do not have a capture card for it.

Games Completed On Stream

Games Played on Stream, but not Finished

  • I have a bad tendency to not finish games, and this list was getting too long.
    Trust me, there were a lot. I play a ton of different games.
    Plus, lately I’ve been doing a lot more Creative streams.

Consoles I Currently Own

  • SNES (2), N64 (2), GC, Wii, WiiU
  • PSX, PSOne, PS2 Slim, PS3 60GB, PS4
  • Genesis, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox360 (2).
  • GameBoy, GameGear, GameBoy Color
  • GBA, GBA SP, DSLite, 3DSXL, PSP1000.