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If you’re reading this page, you’ve either caught one of my cross-stitch streams recently, or you’ve wandered onto my website and are wondering how crafts are relevant to If you’re interested in buying a cross-stitched piece from me, click here.

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Here’s all of the Twitch emotes I’ve made so far. See if you can name all of them. :)

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“You stream crafts… on Twitch? I thought Twitch was just for video games! Reported!”
Yes. Yes I do. On Twitch, artists may stream under the ‘game’ Creative. If you’re looking for more Cross-Stitch streamers, check out

“When is your craft stream!?”
Sunday and Wednesday nights from 10pm-2am MST. Sometimes Thursdays, too.

“I want one! Take my money!”
I started this project November 2014 to make (late) Christmas presents for some of my favorite Twitch broadcasters with the plan to give it to them as a gift in person at PAX South. I did take commissions for a time, but I had such a demand, I opened custom orders on Etsy.

“Do you just make keychains?”
Not at all! I can make them into hairclips, magnets, pins, or framed works.

“What kind of materials do you use?”
I use 14-count clear plastic canvas* and DMC brand thread for my keychains and the like. For keychains, I back the canvas with felt and stuff them lightly with polyester fiberfill. When I do larger, framed projects I usually use half stitches over one on 28 count evenweave* fabric. Currently I’m also working on a large project on 18 count afghan cloth*.

“How long do these take to make?”
Each Keychain takes approximately 3-4 hours to stitch depending on the complexity. This does not include the time spent editing the image to reduce it to 20 colors or less and figuring out which thread colors to use.

“Where do you get your patterns?”
I make most of my own patterns. I don’t share the emote patterns, as the emotes belong to their respective channel owners. Most of my other patterns are available on Etsy, Patreon, or both. Some of my older stuff can be found for free on my older, outdated craft site.


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