Siri Finishes games for once: A new year’s resolution

So without really telling anyone, I made a new year’s resolution for 2017. And while I didn’t technically complete it, I’m incredibly proud of my progress. Especially considering how much changed this year in my life. New job, apartment issues, very little time to stream, general health issues, etc. Most […]

Getting back into the swing of things

Oh. Hi. Didn’t expect to see you here. …probably because I haven’t been around for months and there’s no reason for any of you to still care. But you’re here. And that means you do care. At least to some degree. And I appreciate that. Some of you may even […]

Twitch Year 4: MIA

It’s been four years. Back on Nov 5, 2014 I booted up my first stream, playing .hack//G.U. vol 1 Boy have things changed since then.   For my two-year anniversary I came back to the .hack series, finally starting up vol 2, and actually proceeded to finish it and vol […]

Siri’s Future

So, many of you know I’ve been struggling financially since the new year due to a nearly $500 increase in monthly bills. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I’ve been offered a new job at nearly double my current pay. The bad news is, […]