Getting back into the swing of things

Oh. Hi. Didn’t expect to see you here. …probably because I haven’t been around for months and there’s no reason for any of you to still care. But you’re here. And that means you do care. At least to some degree. And I appreciate that. Some of you may even […]

Twitch Year 4: MIA

It’s been four years. Back on Nov 5, 2014 I booted up my first stream, playing .hack//G.U. vol 1 Boy have things changed since then.   For my two-year anniversary I came back to the .hack series, finally starting up vol 2, and actually proceeded to finish it and vol […]

Siri’s Future

So, many of you know I’ve been struggling financially since the new year due to a nearly $500 increase in monthly bills. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I’ve been offered a new job at nearly double my current pay. The bad news is, […]

Where the *&!@ have I been?

So some of you have noticed I haven’t streamed in 2+ months. Yeah. MONTHS. If you’re a sub and you hang out on Discord you know some of what’s been going on at least. But I want to be very honest with the rest of you and try to explain […]