2015 has been a whirlwind. It’s about time I got back on track. And I owe you an explanation of where I’ve been these last 8 months. I’ll try to make it brief, but a lot has happened.

Back in January, thanks to your amazing generosity I was able to attend PAX South and had an amazing life-changing time.

For the next two months you amazing people helped me raise money to move to California to live with Leth. Back in February I attained the much-coveted Partnership as well and you all showed an incredible amount of support, surpassing 150 subscriptions in the first month.


And then less than a week after getting my sub button, I moved. It definitely did not go according to plan.
First, my car died driving up to Sacramento. Luckily,  it wasn’t very far from my destination. However, driving without breaks is terrifying regardless of how close you are to your destination. Especially when the car has already started rattling as if it was going to fall apart an hour back.

Then I stayed at his old residence for a few weeks while we finished up paperwork and such for a new apartment. During this time I couldn’t stream much as we were sharing a small room and I worked 40 hours a week from home and that meant he couldn’t stream or voice call with his teammates during that time. But that was only to be temporary and once we moved it’d be fine. Right? RIGHT?

Well, we moved. Which was just as stressful as moving always is. And while our computers were much further apart than they had been, they were still in the same room and the noise issue persisted. While his mic could not pick me up (I’m pretty quiet), mine heard him loud and clear even when he was trying to be quiet.  We tried several fixes. Different microphones headsets. Different settings and noise gate settings which would block him out finally, but then wouldn’t pick ME up because I’m too soft spoken. Turning and moving desks. Trying to work out a different schedule. Nothing worked.

With his new game coming out soon he couldn’t afford to not be able to stream and promote his game, or voice call with his colleagues to get things tested and coded and ready. I ended up even reducing my work hours to help, even though that meant losing any benefits like medical/dental insurance, and paid time off. Additionally, with his daughter staying with us a few nights a week we BOTH couldn’t stream very late on those nights and limited us even further on stream times.

And then the weeks turned into months. I missed basically all my “just partnered” hype and viewership quickly dwindled. I don’t like looking at numbers, but it was definitely disheartening to see.  I streamed when I could. It was sporadic. One or two times a week when I could sneak in a few hours live. You have all no doubt seen a decrease in my mood, energy, and health. And while my viewership has greatly dwindled, I am ever grateful for those who were always there no matter what. Those names I constantly see lurking in chat waiting for a stream. The ones I see come in with a cheery greeting as soon as I go live. Those who could not make it to my streams due to timing, but have been super supportive via Twitter, Steam messages, Skype, etc.

Finally, Wanderlust Adventures was launched. It was a stressful last month. And the game was even accidentally launched a few days early causing all sorts of issues and stress. We were both busy for weeks promoting and helping answer questions and concerns on forums and emails and social media.

Unfortunately, the game has not been selling as well as he’d hoped and due to that and the ongoing stresses over the last few months Leth has decided to move back to where he was living when our lease is up October 31. As there is no room for me there, this leaves me to find a new place to live on my own. Since I cannot afford to live in California on my own and know very few other people in the area, I will be moving out of state. Again.

I have spent the last month or so absolutely stressed out of my mind trying to find a place to live and a way to get there. My car has been sitting unused since February and needs dire repairs before it will take me anywhere. My belongings don’t even all fit in one car load and without his help I never would’ve made it here to begin with. I got rid of a LOT of things when I came out here, so I have no furniture or anything but my video game collection is large enough to cause a problem.

I’ve found a place to stay in Colorado. UHauls are expensive. So I’m looking at ~$1500 to move and tow my car. And then I don’t know how much for further repairs to make the car worth keeping once I’m there. October is going to be a terrifying and stressful month for me.

November 5th is my two-year streamaversary. It’s fitting that all these changes are happening right before then, as I hope with this move I’ll be able to truly focus on my stream again and spend more time with you all. I can’t guarantee it, as I have no way of knowing what life will be like there. But I’m sick and tired of putting my stream on the backburner for others.

Moving to California clearly did not work out for the best, and I’m sorry to have neglected my stream for so long.  I plan to jump back into streaming full-swing in November. Complete with set schedule, themed nights, revamping patreon rewards, new sub benefits, giveaways, etc. If you have any ideas for things we could do on the channel, please let me know. <3

The stream will go on, and we will overcome any obstacles. One thing at a time. Together. As it should’ve been all along.


Tl;dr :

California clearly didn’t work out. I’ll be moving again in October. And hopefully this time the stream won’t suffer from it.